Five ways to take it easy to enjoy work

Take it easy policy
Work pressure and tight schedules can take a toll on all of us. However, with a little bit of effort, it is possible to consciously adopt a happy routine at the workplace, say experts. There can be a few hiccups initially, but eventually one can master this art. Prachi Verma Dadhwal lists out tips for making your office hours happier.

Follow a pattern
Following a routine will not only make your boss and team members comfortable but also help you to become more productive. “Your own body and metabolism will adjust to the routine. Show up at the same hour to work, take your lunch break at the same time, show up to meetings on time,” says Bala Parthasarathy, co-founder of loan facilitating startup MoneyTap. Archana Kumari, senior director-HR at education technology firm Simplilearn, says, “Routines ensure perseverance and consistency and employees should constantly search for innovative ways to do them differently.”

Be positive
A healthy body and mind has a big role in workplace behaviour. “Nobody likes a grump. Likeability is a super important criterion for hiring, promotions, raises, etc. And a smile is free,” says Parthasarathy. Kumari says taking quick breaks from work can also help maintain the happiness quotient at work. “It is also important to take short breaks for quick stretches and exercises as sitting for long hours and staring at screens can get tiring for the eyes,” she says.

Reach out
Through lunches or small chats, make an effort to talk to as many people at office as you can. This should take place without compromising work. “Bonding with the marketing department if you’re an engineer or vice versa lets you connect with others, learn more that will ultimately help your career, as well as be more interesting,” says Parthasarathy. “One should never skip company events, especially those who think of these social events as general waste of time,” he says.

Take it easy
Find ways to slow down in office. Be it through a quick chat with other team members, or by just shutting your eyes for a while, try to relax often during the day. “Meditating for a few minutes or listening to a favourite song at the workstation can help release mind clutter,” says Kumari. Parthasarathy says little conversations also ease out stress. “This (conversation) is particularly hard for those of us who are shy, but usually companies tend to have enough extroverts who will try to pull you out of your shell,” he says.

Diplomatic manoeuvring
In case you are a team leader, follow the rule to praise in public and criticise in private. “This is a super important rule for all team leads, managers and executives. If you want to commend someone, go ahead and do it in public. But if you need to pull up or criticise someone, never do it in public,” says Parthasarathy. “It feels good to establish authority. But it’s a sure-fire way to not only make an enemy out of that person whose help you may need later but also send a wrong message to everyone else.”



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