Five ways to prepare for your first job

Your first job is crucial
It is with the first job that one embarks on a lifelong career journey. The first job is also a turning point in one’s life. A wrong attitude or decision can steer you on the wrong direction, which may even stall in unleashing one’s potential. ET asks experts on how to prepare for your first job.

Open Minded
It is always best to begin with an open and flexible mind on your first job. Condition yourself even before the on-boarding process. “Our thoughts and knowledge need to be aligned to meet the desired objective of the role. Even if it means to let go of our current beliefs in order to receive new insights and inputs,” says P Padmakumar, head, human resources, flat glass business and research, Saint-Gobain India.

Be Patient
Every organisation has its own culture and work ethics, and one learns only with time. Before taking up your first job, it is important to be patient and calm. This mindset will make the learning process easier. “It is natural to panic and take impulsive decisions but a level-headed mind would broaden your horizon,” says Arjun Zacharia, CEO, Wooplr. “Being patient doesn’t mean being idle. Relax your mind and utilise the peaceful energy in the right direction,” says Zacharia.

Networking is Key
For any newcomer, it is vital for her/him to play the role of icebreaker. Do not shy away from making the first move to striking up a conversation. “When ‘you’ are the newcomer, do not expect to get a warm reception from your peers,” warns Padmakumar. “Social interactions are great tools to enhance your outreach in the professional world,” says Zacharia. “Most importantly, strong connections can help to build your future career path,” he says.

“Just because you have a degree in fashion doesn’t mean you have to stick to that field in work. This is the time to explore all fields and options before you settle into a long-term job,” says Zacharia of Wooplr. “Seize every opportunity that comes your way as a lesson for life,” Padmakumar explains.

“It is the first job that sets the foundation for your personal credibility when you get others to believe in you,” says Padmakumar. “In the end, you might not remember how much money you made, but you, and everyone else, will never forget how much of a difference you made to them.”


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