5 ways to maintain a positive image at work

A positive behaviour at workplace is one of the assets valued deeply by any employer. The reason for this is that an optimistic worker not only is more productive but he/she also is a major source of inspiration for co-workers who derive energy from a positive attitude and push themselves to work harder. Seeing an example being set by a co-worker may provide a major boost to the desire to excel at work.

Here are a few tips that may help you maintain a positive attitude at work.

1. Organisational culture
Every organisation has its individual work culture. “As an employee, do your best to understand the values behind it and try actively to be part of it,” says Sashi Kumar, managing director, Indeed India. “You must demonstrate willingness to work towards the company’s goals and its larger vision.”

2. Be vibrant & lively
Don’t be dull at the workplace. “Show energy, initiative and enthusiasm. This strength is infectious and attracts people. Conversely, cynicism, cribbing and endless moaning destroy your image,” says Prabir Jha, global chief people officer, Cipla.

3. Mind your company
Never forget that the people you hang out with define you in a way. It is very important to keep the right company. “Be seen as one who attracts good talent and works with high-performers. You do get a positive rub-off from this,” says Jha.

4. Be meticulous
“Staying on top of your assignments will not only help create a stress-free environment for yourself and others working with you but also allow leeway for you to explore new avenues of work,” says Kumar. “Everyone loves a person who consistently over-delivers,” says Jha.

5. Go the extra mile
“Positive thinking, even in difficult situations, can help showcase your professional maturity to supervisors and garner trust from your colleagues. Having an approachable manner can encourage peers and subordinates to seek advice,” says Kumar.

Source: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/jobs/5-ways-to-maintain-a-positive-image-at-work/articleshow/64948595.cms

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