Five tips to nail a phone interview

More and more hiring managers these days are using phone interviews for the first screening. Here are five sure shot ways that can help you swing the selection process in your favour.

Get serious
Telephonic interview need to be treated the same ways as a face-to-face interview. Experts say a interviewee should even keep his resume handy and avoid multitasking while taking a phone interview.

Tune out distractions
During the telephonic conversation, ensure you are in an area where there is no interruption and noise. Use a landline if possible.

Be positive
A hello and even a broad smile during a call can compensate a physical handshake. Studies show smiling on the phone creates a positive image. Talking on the phone isn’t easy; speak slowly and enunciate clearly.

Listen keenly

An interview is a means to sell yourself. Hence, listening is very important. Focus on the questions thrown at you and take time to articulate your response. Experts say first impressions count on phone li

Take follow-up action
After the interview is concluded, thank the interviewer, reiterate your interest in the job and request for meeting. Do not forget to take the contact details. Experts say that being hands-on in following up can help your chances in landing the job.



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