Ways to take negative feedback at work


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Be receptive

Negative feedback is a part of the workplace, and when it comes, it should be used to further one’s development. Brinda Dasgupta brings you tips from experts on how you can be more receptive to negative feedback.

“Understand that any negative feedback is a gift. It helps put light on what the manager or organisation is experiencing or perceiving, and how your actions or performance are being seen,” says Sonali De Sarker, director of HR, NetApp India.

“Paying close attention will help you understand what the real issue is and focus on it. Negative feedback, if received well and acted upon sensibly, can transform you and help shape your career,” says Neeru Mehta, vice-president of HR, GlobalLogic.

Do not resent negative feedback; it is a good idea to de-personalise it and see how you can work on it. “Focus on your strengths and check with your manager to see if your takeaways from the feedback capture the main points,” says Sarker.

“Most of the time we are less receptive to negative feedback because we focus on our own anger, frustration and irritation. Compartmentalising the feedback will be useful,” says Shefali Garg, director-people strategy, Sapient India.

“A collaborative mindset will help to make this a learning experience instead of feeling like a victim,” says Mehta. “Make smart goals for yourself and have a strong follow-up mechanism in place -check with your manager if you are improving in the areas of concern,” says Garg.

Source: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/slideshows/work-career/five-ways-to-take-negative-feedback-at-work/compartmentalise-it/slideshow/57081098.cms

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