Five ways to get honest feedback from your team

The ability to ask for and receive honest feedback is one of the building blocks of an organisation’s work culture. This feedback is important as a tool to measure efficacy of practices, processes, and leaders. It is critical for companies to implement efficient systems through which employees can give frequent and honest disclosures about their opinions on all things workplace-related. ET brings you some expert opinions on how to get honest feedback from your team.

Have Widespread Involvement
An environment of inclusivity is essential for transparent feedback and honest communication. “Companies can roll out quarterly engagement surveys to associates to gather in-depth understanding of where it stands, and managers should also be coached to have conversations with associates,” said Hari Vasudev, vice-president of technology at Walmart Labs India.

Pick Up Cues
Managers and other senior leaders must keep their eyes and ears open on the floor every day to pick up cues or feedback that colleagues may be hesitant to share otherwise, said Vasudev. “Collaborative workspaces can go a long way in making it easy for managers to interact with their teams to build a rapport,” he said.

Hold Skip-Level Meetings
Such meetings are a great way to ensure that employees are able to voice their concerns and have their opinions heard without trepidation. “Skip-levels make room for real-time feedback — which is essential if you want to retain your younger employees — and prove to be even more useful in the event that you spot a potential setback before it escalates,” said Pallavi Jha, chairperson and managing director, Dale Carnegie Training India.

Introduce Some Anonymity
The option to share feedback without fear of any setback or threat can often induce employees to provide really valuable insights, said Suresh Bose, head of group human resource at Vedanta Group. “A formal, non-anonymous feedback form will only reveal some of the superficial, non-threatening issues that affect the workplace, without mentioning the most important, underlying problems,” Bose said.

Create An Open Culture
While town-hall meetings, surveys, and feedback sessions are great methods to know what your employees feel, remember that the quality of feedback that you receive is largely dependent on the culture that you’ve created. “If you appear approachable and reasonable, you’ll find that your employees will be more honest about what they think,” said Jha. Vedanta’s Bose recommends that organisations create a portal where employees can share feedback without any hesitation.

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