Customer service jobs more prone to automation

NEW DELHI: The world of jobs is in a state of flux, thanks to rising adoption of artificial intelligence, and the jobs that are most vulnerable to this automation drive are software-IT and customer services, says a report.

According to a report by employability assessment company Aspiring Minds, customer service, software and IT and accounting jobs have very high automation potential.

“Customer service jobs have the highest automation potential (64 per cent). This can be attributed to the fact that the processes in this function are repetitive and can be automated to a significant extent,” the report said.

Automation powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning and bots has created a state of uneasiness among workers as machines and bots are being brought to outperform humans in various tasks.

“We see tremendous potential in AI. In coming times, AI will be seen making businesses more efficient and enabling them to hire better,” said Varun Aggarwal, co-founder and CTO of Aspiring Minds.

However, cognitive skills like inductive and deductive reasoning are unaffected by automation. Coupled with high demand, these skills will emerge as the most sought-after skills in coming times, the report added.

On the other hand, general management and marketing have least automation potential as these roles require high critical and logical reasoning abilities to support creative and rational decision making, making them hard to automate.

Moreover, behavioural traits like people management and openness to experience are also unaltered by automation.

The report analysed more than 10 lakh job openings mapped to over 30 job roles and 100 job skills to identify the automation potential of the labour market in India


A buddy that helps you face interviews

Startup by Vizag lad becomes a big hit with job aspirants

Within five months of launching commercial operations, a Nasscom Warehouse-incubated startup has started drawing good response from job aspirants from India and abroad.

InterviewBuddy, founded by Ujwal Surampalli, a city youth, after completing MS from the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in Germany, has so far received 2,000-plus users including students, unemployed as well as experienced, who are looking for greener pastures. The clientèle includes job aspirants from the United States and Latin American countries such as Costa Rica and Argentina, Spain and South East Asia.

InterviewBuddy, which underwent incubation on virtual mode by Nasscom’s 10,000 startup programme for a year here, is a cloud-based solution open to all. What one needs is an Internet connection and a computer with a webcam. “The solution works out of your web browser and there is no need to download or install any software,” Mr. Ujwal told The Hindu .

The interview is automatically scheduled based on the convenient slots that an interviewer and an interviewee choose. It helps the aspirants in facing mock interviews with experts drawn from HR and technical rounds under real-time environment. The startup also provides dos and don’ts on e-mail before subjecting the aspirants to several rounds of interviews to improve their answering skills. The final interview recording and assessment report are available on the cloud for ready reference. Mr. Ujwal said InterviewBuddy was started with offering its services to individuals (B2C platform) and soon would be available on B2B platform for corporates to help them assess and interview potential employees. The B2B platform would be useful for recruitment firms in sourcing the right candidates and providing the right information to their clients.

The startup, which received angel funding from Alcove Partners, was recently recognised as a startup by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Government of India.

Exuding confidence over its success, Mr. Ujwal said they would become a $3- million company in a year, and grow into a $10 million one in five years recruiting 250 people in operations, interviewing, call centre support and help desk, technical development and support in the next two to three years.

It recently received a shot in the arm with its selection by the State government for involvement in its skill development programme.